Roderick L. Evans is a prophetic minister, author, bible lecturer, and Christian apologist. He is the founder of Abundant Truth International Ministries: a prophetic and a Christian apologetic ministry with the commission to defend, equip, and contend for Christ’s Kingdom. He is a prolific writer, having authored numerous books on topics such as Christian orthodoxy, leadership, worship, spiritual gifts, and other areas of Christian thought and practice; as well as, articles, blogs, sheet music, and poetry.
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In Defense of the Christian Faith (Entry 1): The Mandate of Apologetics

What is truth? This question posed by Pilate to Jesus has challenged philosophers, thinkers, and theologians. However (like Pilate who walked away after his inquiry) many who claim they are in search of truth, really have no interest in finding “truth” because it will demand a lifestyle response. Therefore, many make truth elusive, especially where … Continue reading

Our Desire in Christ: Aligning Our Desires with His Purpose

In last week’s post, we learned that the ultimate desire of God is for us to become sons and daughters, our desire should be the same as His. We must desire to be like Christ. Our goal should be to reach maturity in Him and be as He is. We must not allow our Church … Continue reading

God’s Desire: Fulfilling His Purpose for the Christian

God has a plan and purpose for our lives. We, as believers, must understand that God orchestrates our lives. No circumstance ever comes upon us without God having prior knowledge. He is in control over the situations in our lives, even those that are adverse. We should also realize that God has desires even as … Continue reading

I Will Survive: Declaring Your Victory in Christ

As a boy, I participated in the Boy Scouts. Part of the activities of the group consisted of survival training. We had to learn certain skills in order to receive badges. The skills learned were to be used in various situations that could arise in one’s life. In the kingdom of God, we must learn … Continue reading

Why Me?: The Self-Defeating Question

Well, here we are again: another day, another problem, another issue confronting me! Sometimes, things can go wrong for so long that your outlook on life can become bleak. Many end up asking the timeless, self-defeating question…“Why Me?” Why died I not from the womb? why did I not give up the ghost when I … Continue reading



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