Roderick L. Evans is a prophetic minister, author, bible lecturer, and Christian apologist. He is the founder of Abundant Truth International Ministries: a prophetic and a Christian apologetic ministry with the commission to defend, equip, and contend for Christ’s Kingdom. He is a prolific writer, having authored numerous books on topics such as Christian orthodoxy, leadership, worship, spiritual gifts, and other areas of Christian thought and practice; as well as, articles, blogs, sheet music, and poetry.
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The Road to Everlasting Life

Everyone is on a road to an eternal destination. In life, different roads can be taken on a journey to reach a particular destination. Though we can compare our walk with Christ as a journey, there is only one way to reach our destination of heaven. You cannot enter into the kingdom of God any … Continue reading

The Biblical Model for the Christian Husband

Image by MSO Clipart Being a Christian man comes with responsibilities. The same is true for the Christian husband. To clarify the role of the Christian husband, we have listed some other responsibilities associated with marriage. There are four functions that the Christian husband performs to fulfill his responsibility to his wife. I. He functions … Continue reading

The Art of Endurance in the Christian Life

In athletics, there are events that measure success by the speed, strength, and ability. However, there are events, which are a matter of endurance, rather than pure skill or ability. In many of the strongman competitions, certain events not only require skill, but endurance. Not only must the competitor be able to lift or carry … Continue reading

I Will Survive: Declaring Your Victory in Christ

As a boy, I participated in the Boy Scouts. Part of the activities of the group consisted of survival training. We had to learn certain skills in order to receive badges. The skills learned were to be used in various situations that could arise in one’s life. In the kingdom of God, we must learn … Continue reading

Whose Report will You Believe?: Understanding the Power of Faith in God

To believe or not to believe is the question at hand. Foundational to the Christian life is the ability to have faith; that is, believe. Without a belief in the work of God through Jesus Christ, one cannot enter into salvation. Moreover, the obtained salvation cannot be maintained without an ever growing faith, hope, and … Continue reading


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