Roderick L. Evans is a prophetic minister, author, bible lecturer, and Christian apologist. He is the founder of Abundant Truth International Ministries: a prophetic and a Christian apologetic ministry with the commission to defend, equip, and contend for Christ’s Kingdom. He is a prolific writer, having authored numerous books on topics such as Christian orthodoxy, leadership, worship, spiritual gifts, and other areas of Christian thought and practice; as well as, articles, blogs, sheet music, and poetry.
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In Defense of the Christian Faith (Entry 1): The Mandate of Apologetics

What is truth? This question posed by Pilate to Jesus has challenged philosophers, thinkers, and theologians. However (like Pilate who walked away after his inquiry) many who claim they are in search of truth, really have no interest in finding “truth” because it will demand a lifestyle response. Therefore, many make truth elusive, especially where … Continue reading

Identification without Condemnation: The Importance of Acknowledging and Recognizing Sins

SIN is a taboo word in society and in the Church. To call someone’s actions a sin is sometimes regarded as an act of bigotry, judgment, and hatred. However, Christians have to stand on the truth of God’s word that men have sinned and that there are certain activities, which are considered sin. Much of … Continue reading

Which Route Are You On?: The Christian Road Trip

Everyone is on a road to an eternal destination. In life, different roads can be taken on a journey to reach a particular destination. Though we can compare our walk with Christ as a journey, there is only one way to reach our destination of heaven. You cannot enter into the kingdom of God any … Continue reading

Are You Ashamed of the Faith?

Since its earliest days, Christianity has been the object of ridicule and debate. The actions of those who called themselves Christians did not help with the world’s view of Christianity. History tells us of the Inquisition and past religious corruption all in the name of Christianity. Today, we see this trend of those associated with … Continue reading

What Does God Think of Me?: A Question of the Ages

Having a good reputation is important to many. Some live their lives trying to impress others that their perception of them may be favorable. Even if we do not admit it openly, many of our activities and conversations are motivated by the desire to be accepted and well thought of. Much time is spent wondering, … Continue reading


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